Saturday, February 25, 2012

Our week in review

Foster care doesn't slow down for President's week or our impending adoption. We have been busy bees over here this week!

Sunday- Not so shockingly, the pre-placement visit with Baby 6 and the woman with five children went poorly and she told us after just an hour that she couldn't take him.

Monday- The county offices were closed, but 6's caseworker called me from home and said the nuns had changed their minds about taking Baby 6. I brought him there at 4:30pm, and the trade off went well. Baby 6 seemed to really like the facility and he's the only child they have right now.

Tuesday- 9am homevisit with Baby 4's caseworker. She's a bit of a wet blanket, but she's very thorough when it comes to documenting everything. Baby 4 LOVES everything Cars, and after 8 months of these visits, she still calls Mater from that movie "Mainer" and Baby 4 has to correct her, which annoys me. She gave me some hope that Baby 4 will be with us for a while. She also approved my Mom coming into our home and watching Baby 4 for the week we'll be in CA for our adoption. This is great news for everyone. 4 will get to keep his routine and we'll be able to rest knowing he's safe- even though I'm sure he'd be safe in respite, I'd still worry.

Wednesday- Our Homefinding caseworker came over to meet my Mom and have her sign the disciplinary contract stating that she won't spank Baby 4 and the consents for the background checks they want to do on her. It's the closest my Mom has gotten to the Foster Care process and I think she likes being involved. We discussed placing our home on "self hold" until the new baby is settled, but decided that while we will say no to taking any new children, we have the room and absolutely want to take any of our past children if they come back into care. We plan to continue fostering and accepting new placements once our daughter has recovered her 2nd surgery in June.

Thursday- Baby 4 had a Biovisit in the afternoon, so I took him to an indoor playcenter in the morning.

Friday- Baby 4 wakes up with pink eye because indoor playcenters are filthy-dirty. So we head to the Dr. I just want bathe in GermX- gross gross gross!

Next week brings a new string of craziness. We visit the surgeon to see if Baby 4's trach is definitely a thing of the past and I start teaching my 2nd MAPP class of fosterlings!

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  1. Crazy busy, but sounds like a good week! I am SO happy over baby girl! :)