Wednesday, February 1, 2012

1 Year- 100th Post GIVEAWAY!!!

I started this blog on February 1, 2011. We were preparing ourselves and Babies 2 & 3 to return home in a few weeks. I was feeling very alone and found myself talking about Foster Care a lot- mostly to people who weren't interested. My husband and I started this blog to create a place where we could air our emotions without isolating our social circle. Then I got really into it, and hubby has had nothing to do with the blog since he said, "I think you should make the title blue".

This year has brought SO many changes. I've experienced every emotion possible- joy, devastation, intense love, deep pain, excitement, fear, pride, and everything in between. We said goodbye, and hello, and had some really cute temporary house guests. I've spent more time at the Children's hospital this year than I ever hope to again (except tomorrow when we check in for Baby 4's decannulation).

The blog took some time to catch on, but when it did I found a strong and beautiful little community of foster bloggers who get what it's like to be on this crazy road. I'm so very grateful for everyone who reads this blog and has supported us this year. Your prayers are so valuable and your kind words have brought me through.

To show my appreciation AND to celebrate Foster Care: Our Love Story 's 100th post- I am giving away my favorite children's books about Foster Care:

Maybe Days A Book for Children in Foster Care by: Jennifer Wilgocki and Marcia Kahn Wright is by far my favorite of all these books. It's a little lengthy for little ones, but it accurately describes what job everyone in Foster Care does. The last page is priceless, "A kid's job is always to be a kid."

The Star A story to help young children understand foster care by: Cynthia Miller Lovell is Baby 4's favorite book about Foster Care. He asks for it all the time and loves the page with all the feelings faces. This book follows a little girl from remval through her first homevisit with her caseworker and stresses that Foster Care placement is never the child's fault and they are not alone.

Murphy's Three Homes a story for children in foster care by Jan Levinson Gilman - this book addresses our kids' natural tendency to assume their moves after placement into foster care are their fault. In this book, Murphy learns he's not a "bad luck dog" and he gets a family who treats him well even when he's naughty.

My Foster Family a story for children entering Foster Care by Jennifer Levine - This is a great tool for the 4-8yr old who is new to your house. It's a simple story told from the child's perspective about all the emotions felt when meeting a new foster family and biovisits. It's also a coloring book, which makes going through the story less intimidating for the child since they have something to do while you read.

Families Change A Book for Children Experiencing Termination of Parental Rights (Kids Are Important Series) by Julie Nelson While the title says it's for TPR cases, I think this book is stellar for any child who has moved from biofamily into placements. It normalizes change and gives kids permission to accept that change. This is by far the best book of the bunch as far as illustrations. There are so many different ethnicities represented that it would be hard for a child not to find a picture that they can relate to.

Here's how it works:

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3) Check back in one week - February 8, 2012 for the Announcement of our WINNER

Good Luck!!!


  1. Hi, I am a fairly new follower to your blog, within last few months. I enjoy reading but dont think I have ever commented. My husband and I just finished our last home visit for licensed foster parenting. Our paperwork was submitted for approval to the state last week. We are so excited to start this new journey and I love reading about your experiences. I have my own blog, but I hadnt been very good about posting. We kind of went through a hard time trying to have kids and it has been difficult to express myself. But I am vowing to get better. Thanks again for all of your stories!!

  2. I'm a follower! :) I've got the book Maybe Days. It's really good. But I'd love to have all the others! Books like this even help my "own" kids process through all that foster care is.

  3. Wow! Did you plan the 100th post to land on the blogiversary, or did it just happen that way? :-) You know I LOVE your blog, and I would LOVE to start a collection of foster care books. My babies are too young to understand them, but I think they would definitely help my niece and nephew and former foster son to understand a little better what I do.

  4. This is such a cool giveaway! Love your blog!

  5. I agree, this is a neat giveaway! Sounds like it has really been a crazy year for your family- I am happy to follow along :)

  6. Congratulations on your one year anniversary! I adore your blog, you rock!

  7. My 5 year old daughter and I went to the library recently and read "The Star" because we are in the process of being licensed for foster care I wanted her to know more about how it works, She loves that book. And after learning about foster care she is soo willing to help and do whatever it takes to welcome a new brother or sister into the family. Such a big heart she has! I love reading your blog by the way :)

  8. I'm so loving your blog and I'm very glad you started it. :) Thanks for sharing your life on here.

  9. ooooooo... me me please! have two lil' babies right now and their big bro visits us so would love to be able to read them these books!

  10. Great giveaway! I didn't even realize I wasn't following you...I know you're on my reader list. Anyway, at least now I am! :)

  11. i love your blog,we have just been approved for fostering infants and your blog has given me much to look forward to

  12. I love your blog! We are just starting on our Foster journey and I have gained such wonderful insight from your posts. We will be taking kids between 4-10 so these books would be a welcome addition to our library. Keep posting...I truly enjoy all of them