Our Foster Care Timeline

February 2, 2009- Start new job and chat up my boss about her Foster Care experience

February 5, 2009- See a flyer in the library for the Foster Care info meetings

February 6, 2009- Accidentally sit next to a Fost/Adopt Mommy play group at McDonald's
                              Talk to Brandon about going to the info meeting

February 9, 2009- I call DHS and sign up for their next meeting

February 22, 2009- Informational meeting- We watch a PSA type video "You don't have to be perfect to be the perfect parent". We asked questions and brought home a pen, a refrigerator magnet, and our application!! We filled it out at Applebee's that night.

March 25, 2009- First Homevisit with a caseworker to review our application. She tells us before she leaves that she will be recommending us for the next step in the process.

March 31,2009- We get a call from the county asking us to register for MAPP training

May 5, 2009 - 1st MAPP class- Start Family Profile Packet aka The Most Paperwork I've Ever Done In My Life

May 12, 2009- 2nd Mapp class- assigned certifying caseworker

May 19, 2009- 3rd MAPP class- turn in Family profile packet

May 22, 2009-  Homestudy visit at our house

May 26, 2009- 4th MAPP class

June 2, 2009- 5th MAPP class

June 9, 2009- 6th MAPP class

2nd Homestudy visit at our house

June 16, 2009- 7th MAPP class

June 23, 2009- 8th MAPP class

June 30, 2009- 9th MAPPclass

July 7, 2009- 10th MAPP class

July 17, 2009- 3rd Homestudy Visit at our house

July 20, 2009- Physicals

July 21, 2009- Final Homestudy visit at our house

June 22, 2009- Call from CW's supervisor. WE ARE OPEN FOR PLACEMENTS!!!

August 5, 2009- HALLELUJAH CALL at noon, I pick up Baby 1 at 6:30pm.

March 1,2010- Judge orders Baby 1 home to Dad by March 5th pending a safety inspection of new apartment

March 5, 2010- New apartment has not been safety inspected

March 9, 2010- HALLELUJAH CALL at 10:30 am- I pick up Baby 2 at 11:00 am

March 12,2010- Baby 1 returns home at 5pm

March 13, 2010- I meet Baby 3 in the NICU

March 24, 2010- Baby 3 released from the hospital

February 17, 2011- Judge orders Baby 2 & 3 home by March 1st

February 28, 2011- Babies 2 & 3 return home at 6pm

March 8, 2011- HALLELUJAH CALL for Baby 4 at 3pm. He's in the hospital and I can't see him yet.

March  21, 2011- I meet Baby 4 in the hospital and start training in his care

March 28, 2011- I bring baby 4 home at 4pm

August 18,2011- HALLELUJAH CALL for Baby 5 at 5:20pm. We will know more tomorrow about his discharge from hospital

August 19,2011- I bring Baby 5 home at 3pm

January 26,2012- Judge orders Baby 5 home "Immediately". Dad offers to give us 2 more days with him.

January 28,2012- Baby 5 returns home at 2pm

February 3,2012- HALLELUJAH CALL for Baby 6 at 10:10am. He is dropped off at our house at noon.

February 20,2012- Baby 6 is transitioned to another Foster home who can better meet his needs.

March 29, 2013- HALLELUJAH CALL for Babies 7 & 8. They were born today and will be released from hospital in 3 days.

April 1,2013- I bring home Babies 7 & 8 at 5pm

April 2,2013- Baby 7 dies in our home at 9 am. Baby 8 is removed and placed in another foster home at 1pm.

May 6, 3013-HALLELUJAH CALL for Baby 9 at 4:30. CPS Investigator brings her to our house at 5pm.

November 21, 2014- We adopt Baby 4 on National Adoption Day

March 24, 2015- HALLELUJAH CALL for Baby 10 at 3pm. CPS caseworker brings her to our house at 4:45pm.

April 7, 2015- Judge orders Baby 10 to Grandma at 3pm. I transport her there at 4:20pm

April 14, 2015- HALLELUJAH CALL for Baby 11 at 3pm. He will be in hospital for another week.

April 21, 2015- Baby 11's discharge has been pushed out because his oxygen still drops when feeding. I go meet him in the NICU.

April 23, 2015- Phone call from Baby 11's caseworker. Baby will be discharged from the hospital to a Relative Resource. He's not coming into care.

May 1, 2015- HALLELUJAH CALL for Baby 11 at 1pm. The Relative Resource backed out. Baby will be discharged to us when he gets out of the hospital. Baby 12 & 13 who were with Relative Resource need a home by Monday. Next call at 1:15pm- Baby 12 &13 are at the caseworkers office and need a home immediately. It is decided all 3 siblings will come to us. Caseworker brings Babies 12 &13 to our home at 4:30pm

May 6, 2015- I bring home Baby 11 from the hospital at 10am