Friday, February 15, 2013

We're Alive

Foster Care has felt a lot like treading water lately. I'm putting forth the effort, but getting nowhere. Behaviors are the same. Caseworkers are ambivalent and no help at all. The name issue from August got dredged up again today. TPR is in less than a month, but I'm being told not to hang my hat on anything. Relative resource's second home study hasn't been started yet, but she's coming up for the trial. I feel like baby 4 is mine. He's been with us 2 years. We love him and he loves us. I'm still working to prepare him for anything, but it's hard because he needs answers, not all the possibilities  I hate working with the public school system and wish I could homeschool. I am literally feeling all the frustration from the beginning of the case multiplied by every single court date where we've gotten nothing accomplished. So here I stay, just trying to keep my head my head above water, and wishing I was a little more in love with our love story.

Oh, and leave it to me to complicate things: We are finalizing our daughter's adoption with the same judge that has Baby 4's case exactly one week after TPR. I can't leave him out. Baby 4 is so excited to go, but he is still asking if the judge will let him get adopted too. I kind of hope he asks her why he can't be adopted in the cutest little 6yr old voice he can muster.

So, that's that. We're still here and I think I'll have a lot of drama blog material coming up in just a few weeks.

On a positive note:

 We had a great birthday party for Baby 4 this month and some of the Bios came and acted very appropriately. It was a good day.

We've gotten to have Baby 2 &3 spend the weekend several times since Christmas and they are perfect.

I'm teaching another MAPP class right now and really enjoying the grown up time out of the house.

Baby 4 told me yesterday that when I get really old, and then turn into a kid again, he'll be my Valentine :)

Baby 4's Valentine's day heart <3