Thursday, November 3, 2011

Mortifying Mommy Moments

So... kids are embarrassing, right? That's not a foster care thing- it's just life, I guess.  Baby 4 has a great way of bringing the most obscure story into the most inconvenient moment. I love him and all, but if the county permitted muzzle-ing a child- I would consider doing it :)

I should have known to watch myself when 4 announced to a church children's wing full of people, "Teresa has a tattoo on her butt!", after someone complimented his temporary tattoo. For the record- I have a tattoo on my back- it's my back.

Apparently I learn slowly, though.

First- a little back story. Baby 4 is fully potty trained during the day, but still wears pull ups at night. I'm of the persuasion that kids will night train when they're ready. We haven't had any problems until about a month ago. Baby 4 started waking up between 3am and 5am. He would take off his pullup, and come downstairs. I would then remind him that we wake up at 6:30 and send him back to his room to play or look at books. He would then fall back to sleep and wet the bed

After this happened 3 or 4 times, I walked Baby 4 through his new morning routine. I told him he can go potty in the morning and leave his pullup on or change his pullup when he wakes up (something he has the skill to do). I really stressed that he keep  pullup on while he's in his room because he might fall asleep and it's hard to remember to use the potty when you're sleeping.

Then it happened a couple more times, so I took him through it a different way. I took 4 by the hand into my bedroom and said, "Ok, so if I'm sleeping and I feel like I have to pee, what should I do?". We went through it- I should go potty but sometimes it's hard to remember so I might wet the bed. That would make me feel yucky. I'd smell stinky and so would the bed. Brandon would NOT be happy at all about it. I'd have to work hard to clean the bed, my clothes, and myself. Then if I want to go back to bed I should put on a pullup so it doesn't happen again.

He seemed to get it and we haven't had any issues in around 4 days.

Baby 4's caseworker comes over today for her bi-weekly homevisit and she takes 4 upstairs to speak to him privately. I'm not sure exactly what they talk about, but I'm pretty sure she wants to make sure I'm not chaining him to the radiator and feeding him only saltines and water. Somehow during this conversation baby 4 reveals that he doesn't pee in the bed anymore, but Teresa still forgets to wear a pull up, so Brandon has to sleep in pee and he's NOT happy about it.

The caseworker came downstairs and asked me about it. SO.EMBARRASSING!!!


  1. Oh no! The mortification! Lol kids sure say the darnedest things!

  2. Welcome to the joys of parenthood. You have to admit Baby 4's versions are cuter to hear.

  3. I hope your social worker had a sense of humor :)

  4. That just made me laugh out loud!

  5. This is so great! We were kinship/fostering our son and were scheduled for our cw visit. We had a large breed dog and a kennel for when we weren't home. Our son loved to play in it and routinely locked himself in. So of course our cw is knocking on our door and sees him locked in the dog kennel. Luckily she'd known us for a year already and was not worried thats how we took care of him! Its funny now, but we were scared lol