Monday, August 1, 2011

I'm a MAPP Trainer

Friday was my last MAPP Train The Trainer Class. I even got a diploma. So now my county can call me to co-lead the next 10 week training for perspective foster parents. Pretty exciting!

Also exciting is that after my call the previous week about the maybe baby we are being considered for in another county, I sat down in training Monday morning next to the Matcher from that county. I mentioned to her that my homestudy was sent over for him and she was willing to share some details about his story. We talked for a couple of minutes before she asked me my last name and county. She said she would look for our homestudy when she got back to office. She told me they received a lot of homestudies for several counties for him, so I knew not to get my hopes up. We went the whole week joking and chatting and the baby never came up. On Friday, though, as we were leaving she said, "Hey, I'll make sure your homestudy gets consideration for the baby. I'll call you!". That really doesn't mean anything, I know, but it's better than what our matcher said, "You may never hear anything about this baby again if they pass you up for him.". Maybe God's working a miracle. Maybe I need to have faith that this baby is ours and pray for him to come to us quickly. I've been thinking and praying that he will get where he belongs very soon, but I didn't let myself really think he could be matched with us. Honestly, I'm still not thinking that, but if you could have that faith and pray for us, I would so appreciate it.

I emailed my homefinding caseworker to let her know everything I found out. She said she was on vacation when our homestudy was pulled and sent, but a senior caseworker looked through it and added an addendum that highlights our skills and experience that specifically relate to this case.

The funniest thing about this situation is that on reason we chose foster care over other adoption options because we wanted to avoid this matching process where you get all worked up just have it fall through.

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  1. Foster care has it's own set of disappointments. As my husband told me when we first learned of our infertility, "God already has a child chosen for us." He has a perfect plan. Our Stinkpot was conceived the month my hubby said this to me. He came to live with us a year and a half later!

    Praying for you and your child! {{{hugs!}}}