Saturday, August 13, 2011

Dance! Dance!! Dance!!!

Extracurricular activities are starting soon with the impending start of the school year (September to June here). Our county will reimburse us $350 per year to have the kids in lessons or sports. Their time in care is possibly the only chance our kids might get to be in these types of activities, so I feel it's important that we get them involved.

It is even more important specifically for Baby 4 because he has so much energy, decreased strength from his extended time in a hospital bed, and some flexibility issues because of his scars.  Because of the trach, I had to be careful about what activity we chose.

I called a Tae Kwon Do place who told me that the kids only do drills for 3mo before they start to spar- trach hazard. I was so excited when I realized that the only no contact sport that has classes for 4yr old's is.. DANCE!!

I took dance when I was little and I loved it. I still like to think of myself as a dancer even though I have no natural rhythm and I've retained very little skill.

Dancing queen!

I found a great school with a male instructor who didn't bat an eye at  4's trach or scars. He starts a ballet/tap combo class in September! I introduced the idea slowly to 4. We started watching Angelina Ballerina and YouTube clips of children dancing. When I said to 4, "Do you want to go to dance school?" It was a resounding YES!

I was so excited, we registered him that day. I bought his shoes online as well as a Tshirt and gym bag with his school's logo on it. 4 and I were both giddy when the mailman brought them. Brandon put together some spare planks of laminate flooring that we had left over from our playroom makeover so Brandon put them together so 4 could dance in his room. He LOVES it, and I get to be a Dance Mom. YAYY!!

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