Saturday, August 20, 2011

Officially 5

We brought home Baby 5 yesterday at 3pm. He is one month old today. He was full term- 7lbs 12 oz. He's simply perfect. The nurse in the NICU told me to expect a very fussy baby for the next 3 weeks, and she said he will probably spend a lot of time in the swing because he has to be moving all the time. I don't mind one bit. We have a swing in the living room and one in our room so we're set.

There is no way I was about to just bring home a beautiful baby boy without some roadblocks. Here's how it went:

August 18, 2011:

5:10pm- Hallelujah Call! We have a baby! Wait, no, we have to offer him to another family first.

5:20pm- 2nd call from the matcher. Ok, for real, we have a baby 5.

August 19, 2011:

11:40am- Call from foster care intake worker. Baby 5 is being released from the hospital TODAY! How fast can you get there?

12:00pm- Grandma takes Baby 4 so we can get Baby 5

12:10pm- Drop Brandon off at work because he got called in early- Bummer...

12:30pm- Walk into hospital and immediately get ushered out by a frantic nurse who is "whispering" that Mom is in with Baby 5 and doesn't know I'm coming. Mom can see me and hear nurse loudmouth, but I'm not allowed to talk to her. NL tells me to come back in an hour.

12:31pm- Caseworker won't answer her phone

12:32pm- I get an egg salad sandwich at the hospital cafeteria. It was gross :(

12:40pm- Caseworker answers phone. She tells me I can talk to Mom if I'm comfortable and tells me to get the hospital's social worker and have her get things straightened out.

12:45pm- Hospital social worker says she needs to talk to Mom and make sure she's OK with everything. I visit the gift shop and buy Mom a bracelet that says Baby's name then wait in the lobby with a soda and my diaper bag.

Big Gulp, huh? Alright, See ya later!

2:00pm- The social worker calls me to let me know Mom has said goodbye and is packing up now. I can see Baby 5 in 10min.

2:10pm- As I walk down the hall toward the nursery, I see Mom leaving. I inhale to start talking to her and she walks away. I feel like an idiot.

2:11pm- I see a sleeping Baby 5. I'm in love. Nurse Loudmouth says, "Don't touch him! Trust me, don't touch him." I find out he's very irritable in general and has been even more so since his circumcision yesterday. We let him sleep and do the discharge stuff.

2:30pm- Strap Baby 5 into the car seat and leave the hospital

3:00pm- We're home!!! Baby 5 and I get some alone time to snuggle and chat.

4:20pm- First homevisit with Baby 5's caseworker. She drops off his medicaid card and a letter confirming his placement with us. I have high hopes for her- she thought to do the visit today so I wouldn't have to wait all weekend for the paperwork

4:30pm- Grandma and Baby 4 come home to meet 5

Baby 4 is a little disappointed with his baby. He kept wanting to share his toys and food with 5 and wanted to play with him on the floor. He likes being the big brother, but I think he expected his little brother would be more interesting. Good thing the Baby brought home a present for his Big Brother! At our usual new placement Walmart run for formula and diapers, Brandon picked up a couple of craft kits, an Etch-a-Sketch, and a Cars 2 toy. Even though our new baby is kind of a dud, Baby 4 got to explore his new stuff while everyone ooh-ed and ah-ed over 5. It made for one happy Big Brother!

Baby 5 is pretty fussy when he's awake, but he eats well and slept last night from midnight to 7am in the bassinet!! Our family feels balanced right now with both our boys. I'm feeling very thankful.

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  1. Teresa,
    Help me understand why you have to buy formula at your Walmart run? Is that because you have to wait a while for WIC? They don't give you any formula at the hospital?