Thursday, July 21, 2011

Going Crazy!!!

Just got a Hallelujah call!!! BUT there is no baby 5 yet... A county next to ours has a newborn boy whose mother surrendered him this week. There is no known father and a high likelihood that any prospects will not come forward. The condition to the surrender is a yearly letter and pictures sent to her county DHS. The baby tested clean, but Mom admitted to using several substances during the pregnancy. He was born 4 wks premature, but is doing well now.

His county asked our county for the homestudies of several families who could be his adoptive placement. Our county sent 5 families and WE ARE ONE!!!

The matcher said that she doesn't know if there are other counties sending over 5 of their families as well, so there may be a lot of competition. She said we could find out if we are his family by next week, or not for several weeks, or we could get passed up and never hear anything at all. OK... like I'm sane enough to handle this.

So am I excited? Nervous? Anxious? I have no clue.

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