Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Name Game Followup

The caseworker didn't understand the issue. Have him spell it Michlle like it is legally, and really what's the point of changing it when he's adopted. This is when I see the difference between someone who lives with and loves the child vs. someone who clocks out and goes home at 5pm. The thing is that she's not even a bad caseworker, but she still can't comprehend what it's like to be a kid in care who is different in so many ways but really wants to be normal. He doesn't stop being a survivor or scarred at 5pm when the DHS workday is done. Kids don't stop being cruel for federal holidays. This was something we could have fixed for him. I'm choosing not to let it bother me right now and maybe I'll still try to get the teacher to go with his nickname anyway.


  1. Man, I'm disappointed by that response. It makes so much sense to do that one small thing (changing the spelling after adoption) to make his life a teeny bit easier. I hope the teacher gets on board with the nickname for now, and after the adoption (which, oh my gosh, hopefully you'll get an answer about sometime before the kid graduates) you don't have to worry about what the caseworker thinks about changing the spelling.

  2. I would totally call him Mikey and teach him to spell Mikey. Teacher can't tell you no, and if the caseworker complains just tell her sorry later.

  3. I know this is an old post, but your CW's response is just stupid. Uhg...