Wednesday, August 15, 2012

My Monthly Magazine Break

That's pretty much all Family Court has been for us in the last 6 months- a time where I pick up a copy of "Celebrity Smut" magazine and spend a couple hours reading it in the lobby before heading home. We had court yesterday. The only positive thing I have to say is that we only waited 40min before being called instead of the usual 2 hours.

Relative Resource's attorney still has not received the ICPC denial letter that was sent to CPS. CPS could just fax over a copy of it, but that seems like it would be too easy. So we adjourned RR's portion of the case.

I've been a very good anonymous foster parent and described Mom's situation as "facility living" in past posts. I guess I'll continue that, but she's exactly where you think she is. She will be there until Baby 4 is a teenager. That pretty much makes it a termination situation for her. We all know that this is how the case will end, but we still come to court every month and talk about the goal of "return to parent".

Mom has asked not be present at court because it is a 6 hour trip to court. She has appeared via phone a couple of times,  but that's pretty useless because in order to take any action in the case, she would have to be physically present. CPS asked the judge to require her physical appearance for today. Then between last court date and today, Mom's lawyer asked the court to allow a phone appearance.

So Mom wasn't there today. CPS complained about that. Mom's lawyer said that her client is taking college courses in the facility and the time it takes to get to court and back would cause her to lose credits that she's working on.


I left my baby in the Intensive Care Unit the day after surgery to be here! No one is asking the judge to excuse me! The caseworker left all her other cases to be here. All these lawyers have better things to do. How is it that everybody else has to give more of their time and the only person who actually hurt the child gets to go on without the inconvenience.

If being here is really that big of a deal, just sign your surrender and you'll never have to come to court again. Problem solved!

So we adjourned again until September- Where I'll go a read the next issue of "Delicious Recipes You'll Never Actually Try" magazine and nothing will get done again.

For anyone who is wondering about where Dad was in this situation- We couldn't talk about him today. He was there, but his lawyer didn't show. Seriously?

I got the feeling that everyone has lined up and are all moving towards us adopting Baby 4. There are some disagreements as to the details of how that will go down, but I'm thinking it will happen...

... in about 20years


  1. We should write our own magazine about how crazy and ridiculous family/youth court can be.

    1. I would definitely subscribe to that magazine. People-watching in the Family Court waiting room is amazing. And Teresa, I'm sad for Baby 4 that his case still doesn't seem to be anywhere near a conclusion, and sad for you too.

  2. I feel your pain and frustration! Our foster child's county has court once a month. Once...a...month. There's such a backlog that her case has been continued since February without it being heard!!