Sunday, April 8, 2012

God's still in the Resurrecting business

Last Easter was a rough one for me. Baby 4 was in the hospital, we were still in the early stages of bonding where he felt like someone else's child, and he was having so many health and behavior hurdles. I was missing Babies 2 & 3 something fierce, and it was unclear whether they would be a part of my life after reunification. Their Easter baskets sat on my dining room table untouched for at least a month before I let Baby 4 take the toys and I put everything else away.

This Easter is completely different. I can not believe it's only been a year. Baby 4 is in perfect health. Last year at this time, the Drs were predicting his time with the trach and surgery every 6 weeks would span over 2yrs- today I can say he's had complete healing. I am fully attached and committed to him as if he had been born to me. And we can't forget our awesome addition, Baby Girl is settled in and growing stronger everyday.

Want to know how things panned out with Baby 2 & 3? I grieved losing them as strongly as a death from March to August of last year. Then in September, some texts and pictures from Dad. October- Facebook friend request from Dad (access to more pics). December- We went to their house to see them and deliver Christmas toys. January- they come to Baby 4's birthday party. February- We get them for a whole Saturday at our house!! Then yesterday I took Baby Girl and 4 to the mall to see the Easter bunny, and we ran into 2 & 3!! Baby 2 actually recognized me before I noticed them. He yelled, "Hey!!!" and pointed at me. Made my day. I didn't see Baby 3 for very long. Dad has a girlfriend who does not like me. In our last conversation, she accused me of trying to steal Dad from her. She let me know, "He doesn't want you.". Obviously I was heartbroken. When she saw me walking towards them, she took off in the other direction with Baby 3 in the stroller while I talked to Dad and Baby 2. They both looked good, though. They looked happy.

I belong to an awesome church that's pretty large. It's not a mega church, because I'm too cool to belong to one of those, but some might use that term. We run 7 services in 3 locations every weekend to accommodate all our members, and there is a very large online campus that broadcasts our services. Today our church did one Easter service in our city's large arena so all our campuses could worship together. We had 11,000 people come and gave out 3,650 boxes of food. It was spectacular. Since the arena is in the city as opposed the suburb where we attend, I thought it would be something Baby 4's family could come to. I still ended up driving, but Dad said he wanted to come, and Baby 4 was so happy.

I love our church

Halfway through service, my Mom attempted to break 3 of my ribs by jabbing me with her elbow nervously saying, "Dad's crying. The Dad's crying. What should I do?". I told her stop assaulting me with her shockingly pointy elbow and leave Dad alone. He and 4 were so engaged in the service. At the end Dad stood up, with both hands in the air, and responded to the call for Salvation. He went down for prayer and left with a free Bible and a box of food. When we took him home, he asked if we would bring him to church next week as well. I cried all the way home because never in my wildest dreams did I think Foster Care would look like this. I'm a little ashamed to admit that the Bios salvation wasn't even on my prayer list- I'm always so focused on my kids. I stand amazed at what God did. I'm humbled that even though I did nothing to help, I was still able to witness a very lost man become found. I was there when another stake was planted in my son's spiritual heritage.

Today we remember and celebrate the Resurrection. Jesus was not found in that tomb 2,000 years ago, and He's not in that tomb today. Jesus is alive and still in the resurrecting business. He has restored my family. He has rescued Baby 4's Dad. And He's not done yet.

"You have turned for me my mourning into dancing; you have loosed my sackcloth and clothed me with gladness" Psalms 30:11 (ESV)


  1. Tears. That is amazing, that is our God.

  2. That's amazing! Praise the Lord!

  3. Praise Jesus! I usually read and never comment, but this brought me to tears. The resurrection is still happening RIGHT NOW in our lives, and what amazing evidence!!!