Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Accidental Lawyer

We met with Baby Girl's adoption attorney yesterday to start her paperwork. While talking, the lawyer asked me about Baby 4. I gave him a brief description of where the case is, and said, "So if we get to adopt, we'll be calling you abut him as well."

The lawyer was so nice- offering his opinion of our judge and her casual approach to Relative Resource. He thinks things look like they are headed towards adoption. He offered to come to our next court date to present himself to the other attorneys and see what they think about speeding up surrenders and getting this adoption going. He said he will not charge us for this, and would accept what the state reimburses for adoption as his total payment if 4's adoption does happen.

I got a little nervous that showing up with him would put everyone on edge and make it look like we were trying to circumvent the county. I called our homefinding caseworker and ran it by her. She said that as long as I give the caseworker a heads up that we are bringing our attorney and explain that we are still supportive of the county's plan to work with Dad, it shouldn't be a big deal.

It seems like a big deal to me though. While the county and law guardian knows we want to adopt, it hasn't been mentioned to RR or Dad as a real possibility. It could make this go a whole lot quicker or it could make the bios mad. It will definitely show the judge we are serious about adopting 4.

Maybe 2 adoptions this year?? Maybe 2 adoptions postponed until next year, in all reality- but still so exciting!

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