Saturday, June 11, 2011

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

Recently I was filling out a developmental milestone survey about Baby 4. I was marking down all the concerns I have about his wide gait when running or balance on the stairs, his inability to consistently name colors or count to 10, and my observations that his speech is not understood by people who are not familiar with him. The very last page of the questionnaire read What is your favorite thing about your child?

Could I even pick one thing? I love that he dances to the Value City Furniture commercial that comes on during the 6:00 news. I love that he always uses his best manners when he's trying to get out of chores- "No thank you, maybe tomorrow". I love when I tell him to smile for a picture and he makes this face that looks like he's being held captive by savages. I love that he kisses my arm every time I buckle him into his carseat. I love that he tells me exactly what food he has digested before he goes to the bathroom- "Teresa, I have to go poop my eggs from breakfast."

It's easy to get caught up in 4's needs and behaviors. I can spend days talking about his case and medical condition and trauma. What all of that boils down to, though, is love. I love him so much that I can recite his medication schedule in my sleep and make calls to advocate for his educational needs daily. My heart wants to see healing for this angel, but focusing solely on our "To be Improved" list doesn't help either of us. Right now, as he is, Baby 4 brings so much fun, laughter, and love to our home.

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