Monday, June 6, 2011

Foster Care Campout

Yesterday was our county's foster care campout. Last year they did a Zoo day where they reserved the whole zoo for our county's foster families. We had such a good time with 2 & 3 last year.

It feels great to enjoy an outing where you know that everyone there "gets it". I loved going an entire day without someone asking, "Is he yours?". Instead I answered, "How long has he been with you?", "How are you settling in with him?", and "What judge do you have?".  I also got a lot of stories from other Moms who have been in the same boat as me- losing kids and having a medically frail children. It gave me a healthy dose of perspective. I spoke to a Dad who told me about holding his son for the 1st time when he was 4mo old, and is now sending him home in July after nearly 2yrs. I also met a Mom who nearly quit fostering after saying goodbye to her first baby, but stuck it out and now attends these foster care outings with her beautiful adopted daughter and new baby boy.

Baby 4 also had a great time. He was able to see families like ours everywhere he turned and he was able to just have fun without many questions about his appearance or trach. 4 even had a boy play with him who was very proud to show us the small scar where he used to have a trach.

The campground the county reserved this year had a splash park and pool, playground, sandbox, and some hiking trails. We had lunch, listened to music, and played all day with the other families in our community of lovebirds all living their story.

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