Friday, June 17, 2011

Sweet as Strawberries

Our week as been as quiet as foster care can be. Our respite baby didn't come, and Lifebook training got cancelled. Brandon took the week off from work and we spent our time enjoying each other.

We decided to go berry picking today
Baby 4 ended up with a basket of bitten strawberries and a shirt stained with drips.
I love watching my boys together. They have bonded differently than we have. 4 wants to be a man like his Brandon, who he calls Dad sometimes. Brandon is a great example for 4. He works hard, loves us, and is genuinely a great person. As much as I'm honored to be a Mom to a kid who needs one, I'm even more blessed to see Brandon give my kids a Dad when they need one.

Life is sweet.

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  1. Our son also wants to act more like a man around Daddy. But still wants to be held by mommy.