Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Respite 5

I got a "Hallelujah" call yesterday. As soon as I answered the matcher said, "Don't get excited". She knows me too well! She told me about a foster family who's 6yr old son got sick at school and had to be taken to emergency. The parents weren't sure how long they'd be there and they have and 8mo placement that was at daycare. I have respite 4 staying with us this week and it turns out they attend the same daycare. Matcher asked if I would want to take respite 5 for the night. Of course I said yes! I picked up 4 & 5 from daycare just a couple of hours later.

Since this was so last minute, respite 5's foster parents hadn't packed a bag or written out his schedule. I don't even know their names. I asked for the formula and diapers that the daycare had and asked the teachers for any tips they had about him. They said, "He's really good, and eats 6oz every 4hrs". We're having a blast with him. He loves to cuddle and give sloppy kisses. Last night he woke up 4 times during the night, but was easily rocked back to sleep (by Brandon, I earn no credit for overnight care).

Today the foster Dad called me and asked us to take Respite 5 one more night while they got their other son discharged from the hospital and settled in at home. This small-scale helping isn't changing the world, but we were able to relieve one family's stress for two nights and got to squeeze an adorable baby while doing it.

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  1. Have enjoyed reading your blog tonight. Blessings! We are currently in the adoption process and just feeling so blessed!