Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Everyday since the boys went home I've gotten up at 7 and put on picture-worthy clothes thinking, "Today I'll be meeting baby 4 and I need to look cute for the welcome home pictures". I keep my cell phone charged and right next to me waiting for the "Hallelujah!" ringtone. I wipe down the kitchen and organize the bottles and sippycups with the expectation that I'll be picking up my child today.

This morning was no different. I got up and got dressed, straightened my hair, and put on concealer. I picked up some clutter in the living room and watched Law & Order with Brandon while I kept an ear out for the phone to ring. I had given up that today was the day by 3pm. I starting browning some ground beef on the stove and let the dogs out in the backyard. When I sat down to check my facebook, I saw my phone: "1 Missed Call" WHAT?!?!?!? I hadn't left my phone in an entire week, but I make one batch of Sloppy Joes and I miss a call from the matchers? I called her right back and she told me she had a child for us.

This is the payment for foster care. The moment when your life changes and you fall for a child you've never met. The second you realize that a baby has a need and you are the solution. I'm made for this, it's addicting.

Baby 4 is unlike any child we've had before. He is our oldest child so far at 4yrs old and he is our first medically frail child. He is currently in the hospital, which gives us time to visit him and get trained in his care. When he comes home in about 2 weeks, he'll have a nurse 16hrs/day.

When I heard his story, I got very emotional. I needed to help him, I needed to give everything I have to him. I cried when I called Brandon to ask what he thought. I knew we hoped for a baby, and that this case would require more than we had ever given before, but I knew Brandon could do it if he wanted to. Brandon told me to call the matcher back and tell her we would take him. I was so happy to do just that.

With Babies 1&2, the call was followed by a flurry of buying clothes, supplies, and picking them up. Babies 3 & 4 were in the hospital, so there's no rush. I can't even see Baby 4 yet until I get clearance from his caseworker and medical team. I don't know what size clothes he's in, and there's no diapers or formula to buy. Even though our wait is over, I found myself waiting. I got out of my cute picture clothes and into pajama pants. I prayed for Baby 4 and I prayed for his Mom. I also called everyone to get them prepared for the changes our family will be going through.

Hopefully we get to meet baby 4 tomorrow, and we'll get a clearer picture of what needs to be done in our house in the next 2 weeks.

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