Saturday, March 15, 2014

When you are angry

When you are angry, Here's what you can do:

Rip apart these phone books from 2009 that we still have in the cedar chest
And you can rip the local advertiser that comes in the mail too
Scribble really hard ON PAPER
Hug me so tight my guts fall out
Build a block tower and the kick it down
Put your face in your pillow and scream as loud as you can
Take a bath
Spin in a circle while putting your arms in and out to make you go faster or slower

When you are sad, Here's what you can do:

Sit on my lap, and I'll hug you soft so your guts don't fall out
Ask me for hot tea
Rock in the rocking chair
Put the radio on and sing with the songs
Crawl up the stairs and slide down each one on your butt

When you are anxious, Here's what you can do:

Ask me for a straw to chew on
Make a sculpture with playdoh
Do a craft where you get glue on your hands and then pick it off when it's dry
Blow as hard as you can on the curtains to make them move
Take a bath

When you have feelings that you don't like to have. You can always come tell me. I have those feelings too. We'll figure it out together.


  1. Wow, I wish I had had these with my real parents!!

  2. thank you for this. I am new to fostering older kids and have a 4&6yo right now I am going to print these out and talk to them about them.