Wednesday, May 23, 2012

ICPC Denied!!

I emailed the caseworker last night about Relative Resource's call yesterday. Caseworker called me this morning and confirmed my suspicions; there is no new plan for Baby 4 to move anywhere anytime soon. The caseworker said even if RR and the bios have come together in some strategic plan, CPS and Baby 4's attorney are opposed to any moves at this time.

Then she knocked the wind right out of me. CW said, "As a matter of fact, RR is not a threat to 4's placement no matter which judge we see because *her state* has rejected her homestudy. ICPC has been denied.".


ICPC (Interstate compact) happens when custody of a child is being transferred across state lines. We had to have ICPC approval to bring our Baby Girl home from Cali, and Relative Resource needed it to bring Baby 4 home with her. So her county was responsible for assessing her home and background to determine if she was fit to parent then they report back to our county. They pretty much said she is not fit to have Baby 4. We'll find out in court why they denied, which I'm super interested to know.

I don't know if she knows yet that she has been denied. CW said the letters were being mailed to her, the Bios, the lawyers, and RR but she hadn't gotten it yet. I don't know what prompted her crazy phone call yesterday. And I don't care because it doesn't matter anymore.

The county is still pushing Dad to work the case plan and the goal is still "Return to Parent", but we're nowhere near being concerned about any of that yet. That means I can breathe a little before court next month. It also means I have a good reason to ask CW to tell RR to cut her calls down to once/week.

Thanks for all the prayers over my last post. I feel them and they're working!! Keep 'em coming!


  1. I am in the same situation. I am with a foster child since he was three days old. The state wants to send him to his great grandma to Florida. I am just hoping the state of Florida deny it because I am SO in love with him...