Sunday, July 24, 2011

My Kid's A Brat

After cruelly making Baby 4 clean up his toys all by himself  *GASP!*

Then enforcing his regularly scheduled bedtime *WHAT?!*

My 4yr old turned all teenager on me and said,

"I don't love my house anymore!"


I know Baby 4 was really trying to show me how unfair and awful I am

But it was music to my fostering ears

Listen closer

"I don't love MY house anymore"

It is his house

And while he certainly doesn't love it anymore

(Who could blame him; I'm really quite the tyrant)

He loved it before getting in trouble

My kid's a brat

But he's MY brat

And he lets me live in his house


  1. LOVE IT!!! Oh such music to a foster parent's ears. Our #7 has such a hard time understanding what his house is and what "living" somewhere means. He finally believes he lives with us in our house and that is where he wants to be (even told his attorney so!) but now he struggles with the concept of permanency - and of course he would - last night he told one of his dads that he wants to live with him - which to him means he wants to go say hi and then come back to our house. He said so. But his poor dad now thinks he's desperate to move in with him. Ah...such is the foster parents life. Congrats to your #4!

  2. hahahaahaha i love this! got the chills!