Monday, September 15, 2014

I wish I would have written this

This post could just as easily be titled "4 Things Parents of Kids with Early Childhood Trauma Wish You Wouldn't Say". I wish I would have written especially this portion:

"“All kids do that/struggle with that.” Well, yes and no. Many of the things my son struggles with are problematic for other kids at some point, sure. But it’s not the same. For us, the struggles are prolonged, and often more difficult. Sometimes it feels like you have to slide backwards a few inches before you can creep ahead a few more. Sometimes it feels like nothing is easy, ever. The up side? The victories take my breath away. Something as simple as the first time my toddler climbed on a swing and said, “Push me!” is enough to leave me in tears. That makes everything worthwhile."

"The victories take my breath away"

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  1. I am so glad that you are writing again! When I began considering becoming a foster parent, I began reading blogs to see if I could do this. I felt so prepared going through the classes because of the things that you shared here. I can't thank you enough. I am also trying to blog my experiences in the hopes that I can help someone else the way that you have helped me.

    God bless