Sunday, December 2, 2012

Blogger Help!

Blogger won't let me add any pictures to this blog unless I pay $2.49/mo. They said I have used the free allotment. I'm refusing to pay to blog. Is there any way to get around this? Are other bloggers paying to post pictures? I'm bummed about this! I would so appreciate any help you could give me. Thank you!

Quick Update: No hospital stays for Baby Girl. Baby 4 has gotten 2 concussions at visits in the past month. We had to spend the night in the Intensive Care Unit after he barfed all over my house and stopped speaking and walking. We have 1/2 a surrender. BioMom signed a surrender this week, and we anticipate Dad doing the same later this month. The surrender with Dad includes visits with him and Relative Resource out of state (at their expense). It's very unconventional and the county is having a hard time with it, but I would rather risk him leaving the state once/year than staying in foster care for 2 solid years with visits twice/week. It helps that I'm pretty confident these visits won't happen when they realize how much it will actually cost to pull it off. We are looking forward to having a Christmas with 2 forever babies.

When I figure out how, I'll be posting First Day photos and I have a great adoption story shared by a good friend.


  1. Scary about the concussions!

    You can post your pictures on and use the links for your blog. Also, I always re-size my picture for blogger and I have been posting pictures for 3 years without having to pay yet.... but I'm probably pretty close. I used to use photobucket for my old blog on a different server.

    1. the way I wrote that makes it seem like you are only posting links.... your pictures will show just fine on your blog as usual if you use photobucket.

  2. Holy cow, he got ANOTHER concussion? What the heck is the supervising worker doing during these visits? Man.

    Hooray for no hospital visits for Cat! Boo for ICU visit for Baby 4!

    I'm relieved for you that the mom surrendered, and I hope that the dad does too. Our worker just told us she'll be bringing up surrenders with our baby's family in the next few months, so I'd love to pick your brain sometime about how it went for you guys. (We doubt it's going to be smooth and easy, but we know it's possible they'll pick a conditional surrender with visits over possible [probable?] termination of their rights with no obligation on our part to include them in her life ever again.)

  3. That's crazy about the concussion! I would be so mad! Glad things are looking good for forever :)