Friday, March 9, 2012

Still Calm

So nothing happened at court. The judge had to send an order allowing Mom to attend court, and it was sent to the wrong place, so Mom couldn't come and nothing could be done. I'm glad I didn't try to make it home in time for court just to have it adjourned. Now I'll be able to attend court when we go back in April.

We're in sunny California with our baby girl! She's perfect! We sign placement papers today and she's ours!! More on agency V. foster adoptions later, but let me tell you that I choose to make my home in Foster Care over traditional adoption any day. I'd do it a thousand times more for baby girl, but never again to seek out a new child.

Baby 4 is doing well with my Mom while we're away. I've talked to him on the phone everyday and he seems to be having fun. I miss him terribly. Can't wait to get home!

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