Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Model Material

About a year ago I got a Facebook friend request from Beckett Franklin Gray. She messaged me asking if she could use my profile picture in her new book about transracial adoption. "Of course!"
Last month, Respite 5's foster parents sent me an Amazon gift card as a "Thank you" for taking him with no notice. I was excited to buy some books, so I searched for "transracial adoption" and found The Hybrid Family by Beckett Franklin Graham. Interesting! I wondered if my picture made it in, and ordered it.

hy·brid [ hbrid ]  
  1. plant resulting from crossing: a plant produced from a cross between two plants with different genetic constituents.
  2. animal resulting from cross-species mating: an animal that results from the mating of parents from two distinct species or subspecies
  3. result of mixing elements: something made up of a mixture of different aspects or components
Synonyms: cross, mix, amalgam, fusion, crossbreed
I love the term hybrid family. A hybrid is not just a messy mix of whatever was lying around, it's an intentional blend of two existing things that's meant to improve their current condition. I feel like that's exactly what and adoptive, transracial family is like.
Hybrids are beautiful and exotic
Who doesn't want a Hybrid?
It came in the mail today, and I was thrilled when I looked inside!
Me and Baby 3- Page 58

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