Friday, February 11, 2011

Hair's the Story: I wear my heart on my head

While styling my hair today, I had to laugh at how many looks I've sported since my relationship with foster care. Every time something changes in our family's situation, I take it out on my locks.

I'm excited to take a walk down hairdo lane:
September 2009. My 23rd birthday, our 4th anniversary, and 1mo since being certified for foster care and bringing home baby 1. I'm sporting a mid-length dark, layered look with trendy side swept bangs. Life couldn't get sweeter!

October 2009. The mom cut. It's mousy brown (I can't remember if I colored it like that, or if the dark just faded and I left it), short, and does the weird flippy thing in the back. Bangs? You can't really tell if they are short bangs that grew out or long bangs that accidentally got snipped too short. This cut happened after I was in full foster parent swing- taking care of a 3mo old and taking respite #1 (red shirt)!! Sick of pony tails, I asked the stylist for something short and fun. She gave me one look and decided frumpy best suited me. But just like my mom cut, life was effortless and and normal during this time and I loved it.

December 2009. The grow out. Here I am painting pottery with baby 1 mid-December. My hair is taking a break and letting nature run it's course. Same thing is happening in Baby1's case. Dad is fighting hard for him back, but is still not ready to keep baby safe. We have a court date the week before Christmas and the caseworker is telling me that baby may go home before Christmas since judge doesn't seem too concerned with the drug tests ("since it's just THC" !!!!!) and we've been doing overnight weekend visits for a bit over a month. I'm seeking the Lord's peace during this month, and trusting that my boy will be safe no matter what happens.

March 1, 2010. Judge orders baby 1 home by March 5 pending the safety inspection of Dads apartment. A full fringe bang and some blonde mark the occasion.

March 12, 2010- This is the last picture of baby 1 right before I bring him home for good. I was clearly 7 kinds of crazy when I decided to trim my hair myself. Apparently my bangs took the brunt of my heartbreak.

May 2010. I've had babies 2&3 for 2 months and my hair is the last thing I want to spend time on in the morning. So we go black and blonde and chop it super short with a fun high/low in the front. I feel like happy Mommy me is back, and my hair is following suit.

September 2010. My 24th birthday, 5th anniversary, and we're renewing our wedding vows!! Dad was all No's when we asked to bring baby 2&3 with us on a Vegas vacation so we could get married by Elvis. Using respite and missing our boys on my birthday was out of the question, so one craigslist ad later we brought Elvis to us and got married in my boss' backyard. My fun ringlets (courtesy of my BFF, Kiki) and "something blue" feather (courtesy of Etsy) are a great representation of how fun that day was especially since our sons were with us.

December 2010. There is no excuse for my hair. It's growing out again and my only goal is to keep it out of my face. In this picture is respite 3, who we had for 19 days. He was our first behavior respite case (as opposed to vacation respite). At 4yrs old, he has lived through too much and it shows in his acting out. This time is busy for us, and my hair is looking neglected.

Today!! I've gone with a red and short shag with quirky waves and a blunt bang. We are transitioning babies 2 &3 home. Court is Feb 17th. I feel like I should be all torn up, but I'm actually doing pretty well. Assuming the boys go home next Thursday, this hairdo will be saying goodbye to the tiny people I love more than my own life and probably welcoming the next chapter of our story. Respite 4 is coming next week. A 2yr old girl for 9days. The home finding caseworkers are pretty sure we'll have a new placement by the time she leaves.

I'm running out of new style ideas. Eventually I'll have to shave it. Maybe next year.

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